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Dipping Powder is gaining its popularity over Gel polish. It is designed for customer whose Gel does not last for two weeks. Dip is easily removed by soaking in acetone for a maximum of 10 minutes (5 minutes if you are a used to it), no scraping needed. The Dip is thicker than Gel polish, but it is not as thick and as heavy as acrylic. We can definitely say it is less damaging on your natural nails than acrylic. Ofcourse, all products are chemicals, we would never claim any product is healthy for your nails, but we can only recommend what is BETTER on your nails in terms of recovery time.    

We have over 1000 Dip colors for you to choose from. We carry brands such as: SNS, Gelish, and OPI. The majority of our color is from SNS (the most well known brand in the market.)


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